Escurial in english

The Escurial Zoo and Flower Park in Liminka is a fun day out for the whole family. Escurial has over 40 species of animals and over 300 inhabitants from domestic animals to more exotic creatures. Children can try their hand at looking after baby animals, and take a ride on a donkey or pony. In addition to the zoo, there is an extensive display of ornamental flower beds, and you can buy saplings from Escurial’s garden. You can also rent a cottage in the area. Come and have fun!

Escurial is open every day from 12- 18. In the autumn, the park is open for groups and overnight guests.


Adults 10€
Children 8€ (under 3-year-old for free)
Accommodation 30€ person per night



For groups reserved in advance 7€ per person (min. 15 persons)
Groupleader and childer under 3-year-old FOR FREE